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Today’s News-Press Article about healthcare challenges in our community explains what was actually behind our “walking out”.

“…docs complain of ‘burnout,’ top-heavy administration”

It’s well written and, for the record, we were the ones approached by News-Press to comment on the topic.

We’re still committed to our patients, so expect more details on the new office very soon. We do have a location and we’re getting it ready!

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Adriana Loukanova
Dr. Milena Loukanova

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  1. We thought this is exactly why you left. Too many patients, can understand why you left. Let us know when your practice opens. Ross & Carol Martin

  2. I know all too well how politics work in healthcare….& other organizations. Employees get raises, awards, praise; then fired for bogus reasons & replaced with puppets who will make less $$$ & give poor service.

    1. I hope not Charlotte, not if we all protect what really is the backbone of a good healthcare system: the patient-doctor relationship.

      Adriana Loukanova

  3. Can’t wait for your new location to open. We don’t want to lose you as our doctor.
    Your the best Dr. Adriana!!!

  4. Dear Dr A. Loukanova aaaaaai am so happy to hear you didnt leave the area. My first visit with you in the win the preventive measures. Looking forward to seeing you this winter. Linda Siddall

  5. Thank you for the recent email concerning the Newspress article. I am looking forward to the opening of your new practice ~ patiently waiting!

      1. Dr. Loukanova hang in there you go girls! This is Leslie Elizabeth and hope to continue as I’ve been for 20 years your patient! You really care and believe in you!

        1. I really feel for you and your sister on what you’ve been through and now getting office ready, I’m so glad.

          1. We are very excited about the new office – expect details soon!

            Adriana Loukanova

  6. I only saw you once; you were kind enough to take me when my doctor left Lee Health. Bravo for standing up for what you know is right. Hope I can be part of your new practice. Brenda

    1. Thank you, Brenda – I will be very happy to see you in our new office. Thank you for the support!
      Adriana Loukanova

    1. Thanks, Pam – a lot of good doctors in Florida! It’s just very special, the bond we have with our patients,that’s priceless and that is what we cherish the most! Thanks for the kind words! Hope to see you in the new office!
      Adriana Loukanova and Milena Loukanova

    1. Hi,Jean – thanks for the support.Yes, will be opening soon! Very excited about the new start! Stay healthy!
      Adriana Loukanova

  7. Dr. Adriana Loukanova, your patients are 100% behind you!! Thank you for making contact with us and I will be SOOO glad to be back in your care as soon as you are up and running!! 👍🏼🙏🏼

    1. Hi Leslie thank you for the support! We are working on finishing details for the office. We are hoping to be opening soon and will keep you posted!

      Adriana Loukanova

      1. I read the article in the News-Press… LPG lost a fabulous, dedicated doctor, but we are lucky you are still going to stay in the area. I look forward to seeing you as a patient again.

        1. Thank you, Doris! We have seen great support form our patients and colleagues and we are looking forward opening our new practice very soon! See you there!
          Adriana Loukanova

  8. We are delighted you will be opening your new office. Dr. Milena has been such a caring doctor. . Bless you both as you get the new practice set up.

    1. Hello, Maurine.
      Thank you.We are almost there.
      Very excited.Hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon in the new office.


  9. Will you still have access to EPIC, or will you have a similar system? Happy to receive your address and best of luck.
    sue terry

    1. Sue, we were told that we will have access to EPIC,getting it now, and yes we will have a new system in the office,Athena – electronic as well.
      Adriana Loukanova

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